A Calisthenics Dynasty

What happened on The Edge of the Bush?

Ben Neutze from the Daily Review describes this new series as:

one of the most bizarre but satisfying comedies commissioned by the ABC in years

Amongst other storylines, the 12 minute episodes tell of the secrets of a former calisthenics dynasty.

Comedian Anne Edmonds plays four different members of the Watts family. One of these characters is Karen, a suburban mother hoping to save a calisthenics studio from closure. Our sport is repeatedly  described as:

a dynamic art form where gymnastics and dance come together and friendship and confidence are fostered.

A newcomer to calisthenics replies “you keep saying that but I still don’t know what it is”.

Apparently Karen was previously a member of a calisthenics trio that had mastered a well-known, complicated routine. References are made to a double flip-twist, and a coach/mother who “was going to make me do calisthenics for the rest of my life”.

The series can be viewed on ABC iView.

Note that this series is classified as M (for audiences 15 years and older).  The concepts and language are definitely not appropriate for our younger members.



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