Backstage Rules for South Street

2016 Backstage Rules

South Street have updated the backstage rules for the calisthenics portion of their eisteddfod. This is particularly relevant for Dressing Room access.

  • Competitors do not need to wear name tags if it is obvious from hair and makeup that they are performing and they are wearing either club uniforms or costumes. They will be listed on a Team Registration Form.
  • Everybody entering the Dressing Room or backstage area (including parents and helpers) must wear a name tag at all times. The tag must contain the wearers name, club logo and section.
  • A Dressing Room pass or Stage pass is required to access these areas during the competition.
  • The Dressing Rooms have been freshly painted and carpeted. Decorations are limited to notice boards only (not doors, walls, ceilings, mirrors or corridors).  No adhesive tapes or Blu-tac can be used.
  • CD Players, hot rollers, hair dryers and ventilators may be used in the Dressing Rooms with a current electrical testing tag.

For further details, refer to the document provided on the Royal South Street website.


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