Adjudication Scoring

Scoring at a Calisthenics Competition

Part of the fun of being in the audience at a calisthenics competition is keeping track of the scores to monitor progress towards the Aggregate title.

The dancers backstage are generally aware (but not focused on) the scores as they prepare for subsequent items.  Out in the audience, the results encourage discussion amongst parents and conversations between different clubs. It adds a social element to the competitions for those who sit for hours silently watching the performances.

Single Adjudication

In some divisions the items are assessed by a single adjudicator.  She generally views the performances from an elevated angle and refers to a document with specific criteria.  She awards points and provides comments for review by the coach and students.  Specified rules are in place which if not followed can cause adjustments to the score.  These rules cover elements such as time limits, team numbers, treatment of props and execution of certain movements.

There is an element of subjectivity in adjudication so different adjudicators are used at various competitions.

Panel Adjudication

For higher division competitions, a panel adjuction system is used. Each adjudicator on the panel acts as an indiviual adjudicator with her own writer. She ranks her own score sheets from highest to lowest and allocates specific points to each position:

In panel adjudication, each adjudicator will rank their marks from highest to lowest. However, another step is employed before place-getters are decided. Each adjudicator will allocate the following points to their top competitors/teams:

  • 1st = 14 points
  • 2nd = 8 points
  • 3rd = 6 points
  • 4th = 4 points
  • 5th = 3 points
  • 6th = 2 points
  • 7th = 1 point

These results are then all collated to determine the overall placings.

The maximum number of points possible is 42.

Aggregate Scoring

The audience use a running sheet with a scoring component.  For each item, the team with the highest score is awarded 1st place, followed by 2nd place etc.

2nd team in multi section
4th / HM1172
5th / HC0.561
6th / SM5


Sometimes the audience can be confused about the places awarded because other factors come into play when awarding results:

  • points are deducted if apparatus is dropped
  • points are deducted in the team does not adhere to the item time limits ACF 2.4
  • Technical Rules apply to each item and any breach will result in a point deduction ACF 3.2
  • Breaches of General Rules result in point deducations, such as performing banned movements and sidestage promoting ACF 2.4
  • points are deducted if a team does not meet the minimum number requirement ACF 3.1
  • Where 2 divisions are combined at a competiton the lowest graded team will receive a 1 point bonus on each item  CV 2.3


and when calculating aggregate scores:

  • To be eligible to earn an aggregate win the team must compete in all items. ACF 1.3
  • If multiple teams receive the same number of points (therefore the same placing), they each receive the allocated number of aggregate points. ACF 1.3
  • if a club with multiple teams receives more than one placing for a item, only the highest placing contributes to the aggregate tally. ACF 1.3
  • if mutliple teams receive the same number of aggregate points, they are each awarded the aggregate position ACF 1.3



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