Rules & Regulations

One of your most important resources is a current version of the Banned Moves video.

Non compliance, or the impression that a banned move has been executed, results in disqualification of the performance item.

Banned movements include:

  • Handstand to chest drop
  • Fish flop
  • Gymnastic movement originating from a run-up and/or spring
  • Bridges holding ankles
  • Revolving head stand
  • Chest rolls
  • Supported chest balance
  • Rods placed in mouths
  • Pair work requiring one dancer to take the full weight of another in a static standing position
  • Jerked extension of any held back leg balance
  • Walking on the top of the foot or ‘en pointe’ without shoes

Refer to the Australian Calisthenics Federation for the most up to date information on banned moves.

View and download the ACF National Rules and Regulations 2015 (updated in 2016).