Capezio 3565 Bodysuit

Camisole Leotard with Built-in Bra

We recently had this particular bodysuit tested and reviewed under normal calisthenics competition conditions. In this particular case, the scenario involved:

  • wearing the bodysuit for about 12 hours (travel plus competition)
  • participating in 6 items and wearing the bodysuit underneath each required costume
  • washing the bodysuit ready for the next competition


The bodysuit was selected because it met the requirements of:

  • having a low back
  • providing bra support
  • being a quality garment that would last and therefore provide value for money. This particular one was purchased for about $60 at a local dance store.

The 3565 is from the Capezio Shape Control collection and is available in two different colours, Mocca and Nude.

The Nude is a lovely creamy colour (although it did contrast with the original skin tone once leg tan was applied, of course). Even with that in mind, it is still a good colouring for a garment being worn underneath a costume as the colour didn’t tint the colours of the costumes.

The material is:

  • 92% Meryl® Nylon
  • 8% Lycra® Spandex
  • DanceFresh® antimicrobial protection

The clear straps are adjustable in length. There are two different hook positions so the straps can either be positioned over the shoulders or crossing at the back. An additional (removable) wide strap spans the back for support.

The low back perfectly accommodated the low cut of the costumes.

The inset bra is soft, contoured, comfortable and supportive.  It was not visible on the outside, nor through the costumes. Various cup sizes are catered for.


We followed the manufacturer’s instructions on the tag and hand-washed in cold water. I later found instructions on the Capezio website that said: Machine wash cold, delicate cycle and hang dry. We might try that next time.

The bodysuit washed well, retaining colour, shape and softness.  However, I wasn’t entirely happy with the straps. They clouded somewhat and discoloured along the edges. They just weren’t quite clear anymore. I had a chat with a lovely lady at Capezio and we decided that although this isn’t a common outcome, it might be best in future to remove the straps before washing. I am happy to do so.

Note also that the straps are all replaceable. The garment is designed to last and the straps may need to be replaced  over time.

The support provided by Capezio Australia was very courteous and helpful. I had not anticipated a support call as part of the product review but I was very impressed.


Opinions and Feedback


I find at times the leg line on these body suits is too low and no matter how much you pull it up underneath it makes it’s own way back out over the course of an item.
I also feel the bra doesn’t have a great deal of support but that comes down to each person and their idea of comfort

Prepared by a member of the Calisthenics 24/7 Review Team.

The opinions expressed by an individual member of the Review Team are entirely their own. Feel free to contact us with constructive, relevant comments and feedback regarding the review. Your opinions are important too.