A management system for dance competitions

myStage is a competition and event management system designed to simplify the administration of competitions.

myStage is automating the manual processes at our calisthenics competitions.  It was first trialed at the Ballaarat Solo Competition in 2017 then implemented at the Royal South Street Eisteddfod in the same year. It is now being used for all Victorian calisthenics solo competitions.

It helps our volunteers by centralising information for easy handling of entries, payments, registrations, participant communication, stage management, adjudication and results. Late withdrawals are easily communicated to everybody who needs to know. It even handles photo and video packages and registration information such as item titles and and lighting requirements.


Competition Admin – the specific details for each competition are configurable. The details defined at this point ensure the rest of the process is simple.


Entry System – A single profile is established for each competitor. It records their name, birthdate, registration number, skill level and coach – the details normally repeated to enter each competition. The system uses these details for subsequent registrations, listing sections for which the competitor is eligble. Multiple competitions can be entered at the one time and additional elements can be selected, such as DVDs and photos.  Coaches can even use this system to manage registration for students.

At the administration end, the competitors status is always available, indicating if they are competing, have competed or withdrawn etc.


Stage Management – relevant information is distributed to assigned users via a laptop or iPad device. Adjudicators, registration team and stage managers have access to all details they need (but not what they don’t).


Results – Results are entered into the system after each item.


The myStage system was developed by AWICT Consulting

The Team are focused on building a product that is simple, effective and user friendly. They actively listen to and
encourage feedback.

Capable, talented and passionate about actively listening to the needs of the users.

Our goal is to use technology to bring about solutions that are of high quality and effective in
the world of Eisteddfodau, calisthenics and dance competitions. We work to continually improve and update myStage to suit a variety of events.


MyStage at her Her Majestys Theatre