Chocolate Fundraisers in sport

Just before we are inundated with boxes of fundraising chocolates to sell, it might be worth considering the message that this sends to our students.


An article by Emma King was published in the Sydney Morning Herald last year and makes some very valid points.

Essentially our sporting clubs are helping our major chocolate manufacturers to normalise children promoting and selling their unhealthy products under the auspices of raising much-needed funds for clubs.


Emma points out that

  • selling chocolates is not responsible fundraising
  • sporting clubs should not be promoting junk food
  • children should not be providing marketing for a chocolate company

Unhealthy Food Choices

The Victorian government’s Better Health Channel advises that the number of overweight children in Australia has doubled in recent years. A key factor to this is unhealthy food choices. These choices can lead to health problems such as diabetes, eating disorders, orthopaedic disorders, liver problems and respiratory disorders. And the social stigma that comes with being overweight.

Our sporting clubs should not be helping to market chocolate or encourage players to either enjoy the products or sell to others.

Emma states:

We need to restrict the advertising of junk food, not promote it. Our children deserve better. The buck has to stop with us all.


Emma King is a parent of two daughters and the CEO of the Victorian Council of Social Service.

-> Full article: Fundraising chocolate is not that innocent


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