The Day After the Comp

Earlier, we shared a post from “The Dance Comp Academy” where a parent wrote a letter to her daughter’s school explaining why her daughter was tired.

One of our calisthenics mums has created a modified calisthenics version.


Dear Teacher

Please excuse my daughter for being late to school this morning but it is currently calisthenics competition season. After many months of regular training sessions she is now involved in 6-hour competitions that necessitate early mornings or late nights due to travel. She is still covered in leg tan with traces of makeup that will fade long before the memories she made.

This weekend she displayed self-expression, reaped the benefits of hard work, built on friendships and supported her team. She performed to the best of her abilities, accepting direction, criticism and praise.

She developed skills of leadership, role modeling, decision making, independence and the importance of team work. Investing all efforts into the sport she loves.

And she will do it all again next weekend.



Original letter from “The Dance Comp Academy”.

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