Ballet Shoes for Anna

Everything takes second place to Anna’s desire to dance

Author: Noel Streatfeild

Having lost their parents in an earthquake, Anna and her siblings live with their prim uncle and feeble aunt. Anna lives only to dance – but her uncle forbids her to have anything to do with ballet. How will she survive?

For Anna, everything takes second place to her burning desire to dance. Even the earthquake that destroyed her Turkish home has not made her think differently, only now she’s stuck in a prim suburban household with an uncle who “doesn’t approve” of dancing. What can Anna do?

Not only is there no one to give her lessons, but there’s no money for them either, and, anyway, dancing’s forbidden.

Will she ever become the ballerina she longs to be?

Book Details

  •  9+
  •  Paperback | 240 pages
  •  127 x 195.58 x 20.32mm | 204.12g
  •  07 Dec 2016
  •  HarperCollins Publishers
  •  HarperCollins

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