Conditioning for Dance : Training for Peak Performance in All Dance Forms

Maximising body-mind conditioning for fluid mobility and balance

Author: Eric Franklin

This volume features 102 imagery exercises paired with dance-specific exercises to help maximise body-mind conditioning and develop more fluid mobility, balance, and tension release.

The book culminates with a 20-minute, full-body barre workout routine designed to help dancers warm up, condition, and refine their dance technique. You’ll learn how to execute lifelong dance skills that give power without the risk of injuries.

By working the muscles through movements and ranges of motion that approximate the demands of your chosen dance form, you directly enrich your performance capabilities.

Unleash your full artistic and physical potential as you:

  • strengthen the body’s core
  • stretch to gain just the right amount of flexibility
  • and incorporate the power of the mind

Book Details

  •  Paperback | 248 pages
  • 200 black & white illustrations, 168 black & white halftones
  •  216 x 278 x 16mm | 662.24g
  •  01 Oct 2003
  •  Human Kinetics Publishers
  •  Champaign, United States

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