Team App – Product Review

Simplifying Club Communication

Team App review by Calisthenics 24/7

Team App is a platform for organisations and sports clubs to create their own smartphone apps. The platform is completely free to use yet comes with extremely useful features.

There are currently over 200 calisthenics clubs and dance schools using Team App (along with 125,000 other clubs).

Many of our clubs already use Team App as their main method of communication between coaches, parents and students. The platform is designed for sporting clubs in general, so some of the features can safely be ignored or adapted for other purposes.

Setting up is Easy

The app is very simply configured online via the Team App website.

  • Create a user account
  • Create the app
  • Configure the settings

Easy. And FREE.

The App can be tailored with your club branding. Specify the colours to use, upload a logo, provide contact details … and you have a tailored Smartphone App.

Members can either add themselves to the App (with your approval) or they can be added manually. You can control which groups they belong to and who is to be authorised with admin access.


Personally, I prefer to maintain the App using my desktop computer, but most features are also available directly from a mobile device.

Implementing the main components provide functionality for:

Calendar – Provide details for individual events, including date, time, description, address, Google map, photos, RSVP, reminders, attendance tracking.

  • This works well for scheduling extra practices, social events and competition details.

News Items – Specify headline, details and image. Optionally allow comments.

  • This feature allows you to push notifications to your members. They will be alerted on their own devices and optionally via email.

Chat Rooms – Create a variety of chatrooms to encourage discussions between your members.

  • Send quick messages to your members to which they can reply and assist each other. This works well for parents to liaise with each other, as well as coaches, to ask questions about competitions, costumes etc.

Photo and Video Gallery – Upload images in a closed environment.

  • This is ideal for sharing photos of your students with confidence that access is restricted within your club (and within a group if specified)

Social Media – links to your website and facebook pages

Documents – upload pdf documents for sharing, such as newsletters, forms, schedules.


And there’s more …

Team App has several other features that I have not thoroughly investigated. If anybody makes use of these features, feel free to provide details to add to this review.

  • ticketing
  • selling merchandise
  • conveying live scores
  • fields to record Emergency Contact Details of members
  • profiles of coaches or members
  • attendance tracker at events
  • votes and surveys

As a bonus, a website version of the club app is created and updated dynamically.

This platform is perfect for club communication and provides a tool for members to work together to distribute information.

Prepared by a member of the Calisthenics 24/7 Review Team.

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